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Info Heavylifting for Accountants

Accountant’s Information Heavylifting Team: Text Box: Heavylifting for Your Accountants


Accountants: as a team with you in charge, TeamsWin provides “Business Intelligence”. Your customers benefit. We help them get it, and you help them use that intelligence. We prefer to work behind the scene for you business consultants.

  TeamsWin Information Heavylifting Services transform reports into strategic relationships for decision making. Besides Sales, Production, Management and Financial Reports, reports also come with names like catalogs, regulations, industry standards, payrolls and maps. 

“Business Intelligence” is a buzzword that describes information organized for decision making. Currently, business information is formatted to support and report business functions. Now, you can get instant access to that same information formatted for decision making.


Here is some of our advertising to business owners, “Information Heavylifting for Your Business”. A description of our template TeamsWin Template - The Key to Understanding.doc  may help you understand what this is all about. If not, we have more material available.  

 You can help them use that intelligence. In school you learned business science, the art of making intelligent business decisions. In management accounting, you learned information requirements and how to make those business decisions. Our products will remind you what you learned about that art. Using your customer’s information, you will be able to show them business science. Recognizing their information, they will better understand their business for more intelligent decisions.

 Please contact me. I would like to visit with you at a convenient spot (coffee shop, golf course, ski lift, etc,.) to talk about your business.


Thank you,


Robert D. Pace


TeamsWin Systems Inc.