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Complete Interpretation

The benefit of a business model is it gives a complete interpretation of the owner’s vision. Business science gives us a general language outline of business, and the owner’s business model is a view of that complete outline with his business as the example. The benefit of the business model is that it is both general and complete for understanding. Because it is both general and complete, each person on the team can understand their role and the roles of each of the other people on the team. So, the business model becomes a thinking tool to make sure we have interpreted those roles so they fit together correctly.

Complete: Present, Past and Future

Present example: whenever we have to work together, we need to both ask for and give help. In other words we need to know our strengths and weaknesses so we can define our requirements to those who may help us, and make proposals to those who may need our help (products or services).

Past example: whenever we have to work together, we need to make and keep commitments. Profitable commitments require measured confidence. We need to measure our confidence to be able to apply it to the future.

Future example: whenever we have to work together, we need to share vision in a plan which will organize the communication about that vision. In other words, we need to share what we want from those helping us, and what we want to do to help others.

Complete: Team and all Supporting Team Strategies

A complete understanding includes all the teams (or strategies) in the environment. Because people support people, for every team there are supporting teams. Our tools and services make it easy to record what you know and want other people to know about those teams. By team, it can also limit what people get to know about those teams.

Power Measurement Summary

Power measurement is a multilevel business model of the owner’s vision and how each of his teammates has interpreted their role in his vision.

TeamsWin – Power Measurement Mission Statement

The purpose of TeamsWin – Power Measurement is to provide services and tools for Power Measurement.


Contact: Bob Pace, Chairman of TeamsWin

TeamsWin – Power Measurement

The purpose of this document is to define power measurement and present the mission statement of TeamsWin – Power Measurement. Power measurement is a business model. It models what a person wants the world (especially his customers and suppliers (including his employees)) to know about his business. That model includes what his business is and what he wants it to be. In other words, both his current operating model and his view of the future are visible to employees and other teammates.

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