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Telecommuting IT Support

There are two ways to go with this. Either way, all we need is access to your reports. My current customer likes me to have telecommuting access to a place on their computing network. Print files of their reports are placed there and I store their database and its output there. They control their real time data archive and computing security.

The other way to go is for us to keep your database and reports on our network where we will be securing the data and giving you the telecommuting access to your reports, database and its output.

Either way, access from both sides is through the internet. From any computer with a high speed web access you can see your information through a secure website. For example: I have my access set up as a tab on my browser. If I am on another computer, I just enter the simple web address. My IT people say it is simple to support telecommuting.

Telecommuting Communication

Most of our communication is done by email, with some clarification over the phone. Email is nice for what we do because the replies carry a history of the subject matter, and there is a history of each request.


If needed, we can use the meeting and message software from Microsoft. However, we have been supporting decision makers with an enterprise database for over ten years, and email is the method preferred by everyone. Busy people prefer the method that is the most efficient and effective.

Telecommuting Software

We use Microsoft Office Professional, which is basically Microsoft Office with Access Database.† You can upgrade your Office to Office Professional for about $100. We will have the latest two or three versions. If we need to we will go back to older versions.

Monarch Software

We read those reports with Monarch from DataWatch Corporation. It costs about $600 a copy. When we get you to the position where you can take over the data conversion, you will need to buy this software. Monarch traps information from all over the page (reads the page) and creates a flat file for input into our database. In cases where there will be no cleaning it also looks up information from our database (like the period) to create a file that goes directly into our database. It takes us about 20 minutes to an hour to program Monarch to read a report. Including setup, it takes us about 20 minutes to read a report and get it into our database.

TeamsWin Software

When you begin to understand the power of this strategic information, you will want to use it to build business models (strategies, tactics, budgets, and performance measurement) for all your teams. In other words, you want will them all to navigate with their vision.† We have the software to do that. It is designed to use your information (from your reports and the databases producing those reports, and your new enterprise database) to design and manage your teams. As soon as you see that it will increase understanding and productivity while saving time and money, you will want our TeamsWin PowerMe Database.† We use it now in everything we do, as soon as we get some demand we will set the security for distribution. We want everyone to have it, so we believe it will cost less than $100.

IT Summary

Even though this whole telecommuting process may sound very technical, it is simple and inexpensive.† $100 for the Access, $100 for the PowerMe, and if you want $600 for the Monarch, thatís not very much for what you get.

Information Technology (IT) and Support

The purpose of this document is to describe my view of the role of IT and IT Support for TeamsWin Information Heavylifting Services.


Everything we do can be done remotely, for example: from Bonners Ferry in Boundary County North Idaho.

Contact: Bob Pace, Chairman of TeamsWin

Bob Pace

7087 Funkhouser ST

Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805

(In Boundary County North Idaho)

Phone: (208)304-4458 Cell

Phone: (208)295-7094 Home