Information Heavylifting - Business Intelligence

Dashboards and Scorecards

Teamswin Database Services

Scorecard example: Compares Sales, Production and Activity Measures  to National Average plus looks at Sales Mix (all by time period)

Dasboard Example: A quick look at activity volumes by department by time period

Comparative Financials with FTE Example: This one matches labor time and expenses by time period for the organization and each department

Unique and Inexpensive
 Dashboards, Scorecards Etc.

that integrate information by time period: Sales, Production, Finance, Management/Payroll, Facility/Location, Industry, and Government Information by Time Period.

The following three reports are unique because they integrate information from sales, production, finance, human resources, location, industry, government and time period .  Like the dashboard on a car, the Volume Summary Report is a quick activity volume summary of information coming from several production systems and time periods. The Scorecard Report integrates industry standards, sales, and production, for any set of  time periods.  The Comparative Report integrates financial and time keeping payroll or management for selected periods. Together, these reports show how we can produce a business model for each time period for comparison showing who was responsible for what, when, where, why and how. In other words, a strategic view of any business for less than the price of  one clerk.