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TeamsWin Database Services

Text Box: Strategic DB to Outlook

Links work both ways.


Strategic DB to Outlook Integration

 All the relationships in the database can filter information

 Filtered information for communication

 Team purpose, roles and tasks displayed prior to meeting

 Errors can be corrected real time

 Agreements and understanding can be updated

Price: Included with Data Integration Programming Above

Links work both ways.


Once a link has been established from the communication system (Outlook) to a strategic database, then all the relationships in the database can be used to filter and get information back to the communication system.


For example:Team members can see their tasks and how their roles are defined in team context. Team purpose, roles and tasks can be displayed for review prior to meetings.


Through the popular Outlook interface, Errors can be corrected, agreements and understandings can be updated in real time. The relational power of the database is then available to the most popular communication system.

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