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Text Box: Outlook to DB Integration

Outlook can be your database interface.

Outlook to DB Integration Summary

· Integrate communication tools with your strategic database

· No need to learn a new interface


Price: Included with Data Integration Programming Above

Outlook can be your database interface.


Many people are familiar with the Microsoft Outlook, using it for: contact lists, scheduling, time and project management. We have developed tools that integrate communication tools like Outlook with the relational power of a database. Because so many people are familiar with the Outlook interface, the following discussion will focus on that program.


Outlook information is linked to the database.  Using the type of information collected, a data manager associates the communication system with one or more strategic tables. For example: if a contact has billing information, a customer record is created and linked to that contact. If contact has receiving and payment information, a supplier record is created. Facilitators have process oriented service descriptions, and facilities have a location.


Playing several roles on your team, a contact may be associated with several strategic tables. The data manager will recognize those roles in the information being collected. Once the obvious association is created, users refine those roles by associating them with specific purpose.


No need to learn a new interface.


Outlook is a very powerful tool that works like a database. In fact it is a database that associates the Outlook entities: contacts, tasks, calendar, email, journal, and folders. The more you use Outlook the easier that interface becomes. If Outlook can feed information to your database, no need to learn a new interface until it is time to use that information for strategic planning.

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