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Planning Programming Summary

 Data Integration feeds Strategic Planning

 Purpose can be mapped out in a vision

 Purpose in context defined by data integration

 Enterprise purpose at all levels

 Links to a statement of purpose: the only new data

Price: $100 Per Copy

Data Integration feeds strategic planning (planning that you can see).


With strategic data from those linked tables at your fingertips, any purpose can be mapped out in a vision. This vision can then be leveraged to produce other plans (tactics and budgets).


A strategic plan is a purpose defined by an arena of context. This arena defines who, what , where, and why, without worrying about how and when.


Strategic data comes from your current systems. To build a strategic plan, all you do is associate that data to a purpose. That strategic plan can then be used to produce: requirements, proposals, contracts, and budgets. With data integration, the links to statements of purpose are the only new data you need to produce, and when strategic planning is complete, 80% of the planning chore is complete.


With data integration, strategic planning can be introduced to all levels of the business. Your database can store enterprise purpose at all levels, all plans, and all performance related to those plans. Also, purpose defines need-to-know, therefore, these same links can also be used to define and secure access to information.


Links to statements of purpose, the only new data you need to produce.

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