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TeamsWin Database Services

Text Box: Custom Database Programming

Use your database while it is being built.


Custom Database Programming Summary

· We quickly implement  the improvements you want.

· Saving time and money

· Correct things before you pay for them.

Price: $500 and up

Use your database while it is being built.


Get comfortable with the process by trying out your new database, and participating in its changes. By using an "architect paradigm" programming process (basic functionality right from the start), we give you the advantage of using your database as its being built. No matter how well planned a program (or any building project) is, you'll always think of improvements once you start using it and each improvement may point to additional features in the next stage.




Doug’s —Seattle

It's like being able to stay in your house while it is being built. When you give your feedback along the way and try out changes as they're made, your database will conform more closely to your business. You help us develop the interface; so by the time it's installed, you're already familiar with the way it works.


You can tell if the interface is efficient and comfortable, and if the database is doing what you envisioned it would do. By having these two components working right from the start, you get a better feel for how close the database is to what you really need.


With Teamswin, our milestones are not based on estimates but on real issues as they come up. You're going to know where you are all the time.


You can save you a lot of money.


We work with you incrementally, so that, after a preliminary deposit, our time is typically billed in 20 hour blocks, with the understanding that your feedback is required at each stage. This protects your budget from having to pay for functionality you've never tried out; and may not need.


Correct things before you pay for them.


As you "live in your house" you suddenly see things that weren't obvious from the blueprints. You can, in effect, "move walls, re-plumbing, and put in extra windows", while it's still coming together. We give you the chance to make corrections before it's too late and you have paid for them.


Use your database while it is being built.

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To contact us:

Bob Pace

7087 Funkhouser ST

Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805

(in Boundary County, North Idaho)