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TeamsWin Database Services

Text Box: Integration Programming

You can use outlook as your database interface.

Data Integration Programming Summary

· Changes only have to be entered once

· Reports, Maps, Catalogs, Regulations etc. can be integrated

· Years of conversion and integration experience

Price: $500 per month and up depending on the number of reports, maps, etc. ; not on the size of the business.


$500 buys five monthly and five annual reports and five monthly output reports.

You can use outlook as your database interface.


We can bring your information together so changes only have to be entered once.


When you add a new customer (supplier, facility, process, product, account, organization, employee, or contact person), data integration services will make sure that entry  will update all enterprise customer lists, and correct information will be available for decision making.


We can also integrate information from any reports produced by your current functional systems (Business Systems, Financial Systems, or Human Relations/ Payroll Systems).


We have years of experience with data conversion. When you want to improve your systems, we can use those same data integration techniques to easily handle data conversion.

Jimmy Moore

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