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Bonners Ferry in Boundary County, North Idaho

Getting Your List Ready For Mailing

In order to ensure timely delivery and qualify for bulk mail discounts, your mailing labels must meet United States Postal Service guidelines.


 USPS Preparation

 Field Alignment




 CASS Certified Coding (Coding Accuracy Support System)

 NCOA Processing (National Change of Address)

 ACS Service (Address Change Service)

 Postal Presorting...PAVE (Presort Accuracy Verification and Evaluation)

Direct Mail

Creston or Cranbrook Y

To East or West Kootenay



We can ensure that your addresses are correct, your data is in the proper format (including presorts), and even print your mailing labels for you.


USPS Preparation....We offer several database/list-cleaning options from full renovation to simple USPS CASS, ACS and PAVE certified coding.


Field alignment...Field alignment (picks up misplaced data and moves it to the correct field), scrubbing (removing inconsistencies or inaccuracies), data excavation (exposing information currently "hidden" in your data) or adding new, related information all increase your business database's consistently, accuracy and likelihood of success.


Duplicates...Is your database full of duplicates? Are there entries with information in the wrong fields? Was it created in an obsolete format? We can optimize your list, removing exact and "near" duplicates (i.e. same person and address, written differently) as well as merge (combine) several lists together into one, removing duplicate records in the process.


Conversion...If you need us to, we can also convert it to or from any number of file formats for you.


Merge/Purge...Merge/Purge removes duplicate records from within a single file (or mailing list), or those shared among several files, tables or lists. NDS can not only detect, mark, remove or send to report obvious exact duplicates, but also the more crucial near duplicates as well which, because of misspellings, typos or "creative" data entry, are typically missed by most computer programs.


CASS Certified Coding...CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) Certified postal coding standardizes your addresses, adds ZIP+4 and Carrier Route information that lowers your postage, while increasing the deliverability of your list.


NCOA Processing...NCOA (National Change Of Address) processing electronically posts any of your customers' address changes to your file or tells you if there is no current address for them on record with the USPS (used for files that have been dormant). After NCOA processing, we suggest registering for ongoing ACS services from the USPS to keep your list lean, mean and deliverable.


ACS Service...ACS (Address Change Service) is an ongoing version of NCOA, and is typically used for actively mailed lists, where accurate and timely updates are critical to keeping costs down. ACS processing saves you more than 75% of normal paper returns postage and list correction.


Postal Presorting...PAVE (Presort Accuracy Verification and Evaluation) Certified postal presorts arrange your list in USPS-specified order to produce labels or files that guarantee you compliance with arcane Bulk Mail regulations and the lowest possible postage rates when you mail.

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To contact us:

Bob Pace

7087 Funkhouser ST

Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805

(in Boundary County, North Idaho)