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TeamsWin Database Services

Database Services

Databases are very powerful. But, Do not be afraid of them. Let us connect you to their power. All you have to know (and use) is your Outlook program.

We do the rest, including: eliminating errors, optimizing your information, hosting and maintaining your database.

Database Services Powerfully Leverage Your existing Data. Leverage means using your data for more than one purpose or in many different relationships (rates and factors).

Save time and money. Don't Let Corrupt Data Cost You Money.  Leverage.


Bob Pace

7087 Funkhouser ST

Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805

(in Boundary County, North Idaho)

To contact us:

Phone: (208)304-4458 Cell

Phone: (208)295-7094 Home


Find and eliminate errors, optimize your data for greater effectiveness. Save Time And Money By Making Us Your IT Outsource. We can host your database and handle all your data entry, updates, backups, queries and reports all for one monthly fee. Using the Outlook interface, our Custom Programming service can create a database that's easy to use.

All you have to know (and use) is your Outlook program.

Notice: The best way to get database services is bundled with Information Heavylifting Database Services, all for about $2,500 per month. These database service pages list services and their fees as if they were purchased individually.